Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recipe #17: On the road again - Duluth, MN: Chicken Teriyaki

Saturday grill-out with my married daughter in Duluth, Sarah.  We were commiserating because both our sweeties are gone for a while.    I hauled my little grill and the necessary implements to Duluth.  We grilled Chicken Teriyaki on her front porch overlooking Lake Superior.

We followed the recipe, BUT It all depends on presentation, doesn't it?  This recipe was intended to be marinaded in beer, ginger and teriyaki, then cut in strips and served over rice.  We did the marinade, but we had nice fresh sweet corn, and that works better with meat and starch as separate dishes.

I'm giving this recipe a 4 1/2 out 5 stars, cuz it is GOOD but, hey, it's just marinated chicken for heaven sakes.  Nothing startlingly original, or awesomely new and different about it.

Recipe #17 may be a week from now, when my sweetie comes home to me.

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